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Can an article written by AI rank on Google?

Jan 23, 2023|3 min read

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way in recent years, and its capabilities are constantly expanding. One area that has seen a lot of development is the ability for AI to generate written content. This has led to a lot of questions about whether or not an article written by AI can rank on Google.

The Potential of AI-Generated Content

There are AI tools available, such as HyperWrite, that can generate sentences and paragraphs for you. By providing the tool with a topic and answering a few questions about the type of document, the tool can begin to generate content that can be helpful to the user.

SurferSEO is recommended as another content optimization tool that not only optimizes your content for your keyword but also provides insights on which on-page factors you need to prioritize in your content.

Google Helpful Content Update

The Fear that Google Hates AI-Generated Content

The Google Helpful Content Update came out in August of 2022 and caused quite a stir. It is a ranking algorithm update that aims to reward content that provides a satisfying user experience while reducing visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for content that is written for the purpose of ranking in search engines to attract clicks.

According to Google developers, the update is a signal used by the automated ranking system to better ensure people see original, helpful content written by people, for people.

Much consternation ensued after this update’s announcement, however the long and short of it is, if the content is helpful - Google loves it. Written by humans or machines alike.

In fact, in a case study performed by Semrush (a Serpjoy competitor no less!), found that an AI-generated website with GPT-2, the AI generative content network that powers AI tools like Copy.AI and Anyword, could indeed rank on Google. This is a significant development and has led to a lot of interest in the potential of AI-generated content.

Advantages of AI-Generated Content: High-Quality Content at a Faster Rate

There are actually many advantages of AI-generated content, like its ability to produce high-quality content at a much faster rate than human writers. This can be especially useful for businesses that need to produce a large amount of content on a regular basis.

Factors that Determine if AI-Generated Content will Rank on Google

However, it is important to note that not all AI-generated content will rank on Google. There are several factors that determine whether or not a piece of content will rank well on search engines, and AI-generated content is no exception. One of the most important factors is the quality of the content.

Google defines quality content as content that is useful, informative, and valuable to the user. It should also be well-written, grammatically correct, and free of plagiarism. Additionally, quality content should be optimized for search engines by using relevant keywords and meta tags.

The Value of AI-Generated Content for Businesses

So Google doesn’t mind content written by AI as long as it is helpful to the user. This is because Google's main goal is to provide its users with the most relevant and useful information. suggests that blogs or articles written by AI can be plagiarism-free, unique, and original content created only for the user. Additionally, they can be optimized with relevant SEO keywords and reach out to the audience at the highest level.

AI-generated content can rank on Google, but it's important to use the technology properly and understand its limitations. By following best practices, AI-generated content can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to produce high-quality content quickly and efficiently. But it's not a replacement for human-written content - which is still the best way to produce truly new and groundbreaking ideas.